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Tioex was founded in 2019 and is a member-based platform focused on bringing liquidity to shareholders in venture capital backed companies. This creates an opportunity for private investors to invest in the most interesting high growth private tech companies from Series A to a pre-IPO phase. On a continuous basis the Tioex platform have facilitated rounds where its international group of members together with professional investors have invested in top-tier companies. The company have frequently been recognized in both Swedish and international media for its successful investments in Truecaller, Einride and Klarna among others.

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Why are we raising funds?

"Almost everyone working with Tioex today has started out investing or selling shares through our platform and the relationship has gradually evolved and now they are deeply involved in shaping the future of the company.

One of our success factors has been the strong engagement among our own network and shareholders in order to identify and source new opportunities. By opening up to like-minded investors we believe we can bring more competencies onboard so we can grow the organisation and facilitate more business opportunities.

Right now we are at a tipping point to reach large scale and we believe this round, both in terms of capital injection and to bring more shareholders onboard, will be a key success factor for us to take the next steps as a company.”

- Johan Hägglund, Founder & CEO

We walk the talk

Aligned interest between the company and its members

  • Our goal is to provide our members with exceptional investment opportunities in selected companies with proven business models and top-tier investors

  • It has not been communicated officially before but the Tioex team have invested their own money in every case to date

  • We walk the talk and share the risk with our members. Every investment is done independently by the employee and at their own risk​​

Proven business model and profitable

  • Members driven, direct investments with a profit share model

  • External partners, indirect investments through professional investors with a fee based model​

Where are we now?

Tioex have invested 100 MSEK+ with 80 % success rate in top-tier companies

  • Truecaller, Einride, Klarna, Cake, Yabie and DigiExam (so far)

  • First successful exit with 3x ROI in Truecaller IPO

More than 5,000 members on platform

  • Consisting of a variety of people but mostly founders & entrepreneurs, C-levels, VC’s & Private Equity, Managers

  • International member base from 80+ countries

What are we looking to do next?

  • Build out capabilities in platform to increase our investment capacity, both in terms of new cases and volume

  • Launch new features for members

  • Our long term goal is to 10x the volume, from 100 MSEK to 1 billion SEK

  • Over time we are looking to have a yearly dividend to our shareholders

“Private companies have huge potential upside. The challenge is that they are usually closed to investment. We created Tioex as a new way in.”
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Johan Hägglund

Founding Partner, CEO


100 miljoner investerade från privatpersoner – nu kliver Digiexam-grundarens gamla parhäst in i gråhandelsbolaget

Not all doom and gloom for marketplaces for secondaries when markets crunch

August 23, 2022

Gråhandeln lyser upp i nedgången – och nu ska Tioex ta nästa steg

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Tioex is using a profit share model where investors first receives the invested capital back and then the profit is split 80% to investors and 20% to Tioex. Once the company goes public we will most likely hand out the shares to the investors. The potential profit will most likely be paid out in shares to Tioex.

You will invest together with a group of individuals through a holding company called Tioex Investment (unique number for each target company) AB, where we will all own the shares together with the sole purpose of investing in the target company. Tioex will handle all of the administration and paperwork until the target company gets sold or is doing an IPO. You can invest personally or through a holding company.

Please be sure to conduct your own research about the company and also seriously consider the risks and the implication of investing in a private unlisted company before you apply to invest.


Observera att alla investeringar som sker via Tioex och i de bolagen som presenteras är köp av befintliga aktier, s.k. secondaries. Således deltar inte Tioex i några kapitalanskaffningar och finansierar inte bolagens verksamheter eller satsningar. Vidare är motparter i dessa transaktioner ägare som redan har ett befintligt innehav hos dessa bolag och som väljer att likvidera delar av innehavet. Tioex har alltså inte målbolagen som motpart i investeringarna.

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