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About is one of Europe's largest providers of digi-physical healthcare. The company was founded in 2016 with the ambition to streamline and create better accessibility within the healthcare sector. The company currently operates in Sweden and Germany with around 1,250 people employed.'s business idea is to save resources for individuals in need of medical care and the society at large by allowing the first care contact to be digital. More patients receive care faster, while traditional care is relieved, which frees up resources for patients who really need physical on-site medical care.

Major shareholders in the company in addition to the founding duo Martin Lindman and Svante Tegnér are Evolution's founder Jens von Bahr, Anicura's former CEO Peter Dahlberg, the Finnish pharmacy group Oriola and the Chinese technology giant Tencent.

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SEK million 845 (2021)

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Digi-physical operations in Europe

Within the company's own digi-physical operations everything from nurses, specialist nurses, general practitioners, specialist doctors, psychologists, counselors, physiotherapists, dieticians to rehab coordinators work. The company is currently active in Sweden and Germany but its ambition is to expand through Europe. This is planned to happen through the company's digi-physical care model, acquisition of existing care centers and by starting up care centers.

Global scaling through licensing of software as a service (SaaS) platform is also expanding globally through licensing of the company's self-developed SaaS platform. Cooperation takes place with market-leading actors in markets that are not the company's core markets. The number of users of the licensed platform exceeds 1,1 million and the platform is currently used by patients in Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway, among others. raises SEK 280 million

This summer it was announced that the company had raised SEK 280 million. Founder and CEO Martin Lindman was interviewed by Dagens Industri in late August with following important highlights:

Profitable home market and expanding in Germany

"We are moving towards profitability in Sweden this year and don't really need external capital to run the day-to-day operations. But the money will go to growth abroad, where we are initially making a huge investment in Germany." Martin Lindman says.

Defending valuation in an oversubscribed round despite current market conditions

In this round, was valued at just over SEK 6 billion. In the round 2021 that was led by Tencent, the valuation was at SEK 5.5 billion.

"The work to close the round went relatively quickly and we were oversubscribed. Our ambition was actually to raise SEK 200 million, but then several external investors showed interest in participating. We are also in the process of extending a larger line of credit.” he tells Di.

"At a time when many companies have been forced to lower their valuations, we are of course incredibly grateful and happy for the support. About half of the money in the round comes from existing owners and half from new investors, who really show that they believe in us.” he says.

According to Dagens Industri Leovegas founder Gustaf Hagman invests SEK 60 million, while Serendipity's founder Saeid Esmaeilzadeh invests SEK 25 million. In addition, existing owners such as Tencent and Bonnier Ventures also participated in the round.

IPO postponed and re-evaluating in 2023

At the beginning of 2022, was on its way to the Stockholm Stock Exchange's main list, where, according to Dagens Industri's information, it aimed to reach a valuation of over SEK 10 billion, but in March CEO Martin Lindman confirmed that the IPO had been put on hold due to the deteriorating market climate.

"We have prepared ourselves to be a publicly listed company and were pretty much ready to ring the bell this spring. Now, instead, we have secured capital outside the public markets, which means that for a good while to come, we can focus entirely on the operational work. But an IPO is definitely still in the cards, when we enter 2023 we will look up again and evaluate it." says CEO, Martin Lindman.

“Private companies have huge potential upside. The challenge is that they are usually closed to investment. We created Tioex as a new way in.”
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Johan Hägglund

Founding Partner, CEO

Press fyller kassan med 280 miljoner – ska växa utomlands köper upp Göteborgsbolaget

August 17, 2022

Nätläkaren tar in 280 miljoner – försvarar värderingen

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