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Digiexam is a Swedish-based SaaS company that wants to improve and effectivize the education sector. The company offers a comprehensive digital test platform used by over 900 schools and institutions spread across 25 markets with customers such as the City of Stockholm, London School of Economics, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm School of Economics, Företagsekonomiska Institutet, Tel Aviv University, Umeå Municipality, Birmingham City University, Cambridge Education Group and Dwight School in New York. The platform makes it safer, easier and more efficient for institutes, teachers and students to conduct exams digitally and remotely.

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Digiexam ramps up - digital tests increase 170 percent

Press release, Stockholm February 18, 2022

Today, Digiexam, the SaaS platform for digital tests, reports that the company sees strong growth in the use of digital tests and reports profitability as well as sales growth of over 20 percent for 2021. Digiexam has continued to strengthen the organization and recruited five new key people from Tink, Funnel, Vidispine and Rocker to the management team.

The number of digital exams created by teachers has increased by 173 percent in the past year and in Sweden alone, about 245,000 students have used Digiexam, which corresponds to a third of all students in primary and secondary school. As many as 25 percent of all tests ever conducted via Digiexam's test platform were submitted in 2021, a total of approximately 2.25 million tests. Today, Digiexam has more than 900 affiliated high schools and colleges, universities and vocational educators in 25 markets, where Sweden, USA and Canada are the largest.

Marcus Dahlman, newly appointed CEO of Digiexam, most recently from senior management positions at Tink and Instantor, comments on the development:

- We have had significant growth in the past year, it is a very exciting time for digital tests and for us going forward. The pandemic has driven demand and we can see that the digitalisation of education is generally increasing significantly. Together with the team, the goal now is to make digital exams an industry standard for all educators.

At the same time as the use of digital tests is increasing, more and more new educational actors outside Sweden's border are joining. In 2021, as many as 71 percent of all new customers were from a region other than Sweden, compared with 58 percent in 2020. Digiexam's customer segments have also changed over time. Demand from higher education such as universities, colleges and the vocational education segment is increasing significantly. The number of new players in vocational education increased by more than 600 percent from 2020 to 2021. One explanation behind the increased demand is Digiexam's new service 'Online Proctoring', which makes it possible to automatically flag up suspected cheating or other behavior that may question the results of a test opportunity.

- For universities and vocational educators, Online Proctoring is a crucial piece of the puzzle for using digital exams in a reliable way, remotely or for that matter in an exam room. Last year alone, sales of the service increased by as much as 350 percent and have already become a new standard for tests. We see that interest from primarily vocational education and universities is increasing significantly in Europe and this year we aim to triple new sales, Marcus Dahlman continues.

During the late autumn of 2021, Digiexam's management team was strengthened with Niklas Vernersson, new marketing manager previously at Vidispine, Sofie Lagercrantz, new finance manager who most recently came from Rocker and will take over in the spring, and Oscar Elvinsson, new business development manager from Funnel.

In 2020, Martin Alsander was appointed as the new Chairman of the Board, partner at the investment company Lazarus, board member of Apotea and former CEO of Stampen Media Group. The board also includes Digiexam's founders Johan Hägglund, Nima Marefat and Joen Bonnier, partner at Atomico, and Jeremias Andersson, founder and owner of Academic Work.

“Private companies have huge potential upside. The challenge is that they are usually closed to investment. We created Tioex as a new way in.”
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Johan Hägglund

Founding Partner, CEO


January 24, 2023


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