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Instabee was founded in 2022 after combining Budbee and Instabox, two leading last-mile delivery companies. Instabee is present in seven countries, serving thousands of online merchants, including ASOS, Zalando, Inditex and H&M and is on track to become the leading European e-commerce platform. Instabee has delivered more than 120 million parcels to end-customers. Since the start, Instabee has focused on consumer-centric and sustainable solutions, offering deliveries to boxes or homes using muscle power, electricity, renewable diesel and biofuels. Through bespoke technical solutions, Instabee can guarantee optimal fill-rates and routing, minimizing any unnecessary transports. Instabee is backed by Kinnevik, Creades, Verdane and EQT among others.

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Global scaling through licensing of software as a service (SaaS) platform



  • Instabox and Budbee founded in 2015 and 2016. Merged as Instabee in 2022

  • Reach more than 45 million consumers across six countries in Europe

  • Over 120 million deliveries

  • Serving thousands of online merchants, including H&M, Zalando, ASOS etc

  • Backed by prestigious investment companies such as Kinnevik, Creades, EQT and Verdane among others

Budbee and Instabox join forces – combine expertise to keep transforming last-mile deliveries 


Instabox was founded in Stockholm in 2015, and its deliveries to smart automated parcel lockers quickly became a preferred option for many Swedes. Instabox added home deliveries to its offering in 2021 and today operates in four countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany).


Budbee was founded in 2016 with an initial focus on making home deliveries smarter, faster, and more convenient for consumers. Budbee added boxes in 2020 and today operates in four countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Belgium). 


The two companies have, up until today, been led by their respective founders who will continue to play active roles. In the new company Budbee’s founder, Fredrik Hamilton, will assume the position as CEO and Instabox’s founder, Alexis Priftis, will become Executive Chairman of the Board.


“I have been long-term in my plans since the start, and this move is an amazing opportunity to create something truly substantial. I have of course followed Instabox closely during the years, and I’m impressed by their journey. This feels like a perfect match, and I look forward to getting to know all my new colleagues. We will achieve great things together”, says Fredrik Hamilton.


“I think that this is a great fit between two companies that share a lot of common values. Mutual respect and admiration has grown for a long time, and I’m happy that we are now getting behind the joint goal to transform the world of e-commerce shipping with our obsession with the customer experience and sustainability close to heart. I’m thrilled to see what we can achieve together”, says Alexis Priftis. 


Both Instabox and Budbee have successfully challenged traditional players in the market and pioneered the industry regarding customer-centricity and sustainability. The business logic behind this combination relies heavily on pooling and building on the two companies’ combined expertise and know-how. Instabee will be able to challenge traditional state-owned players and well-funded on-demand delivery companies entering the e-commerce sector. Furthermore, leveraging potential synergies in operations and sharing technology solutions will lead to substantial savings in terms of carbon footprint.


Instabee was valued at SEK 18 billion in September 2022 when the merger was announced. The founders will, together with Kinnevik, be the largest investors, a list that also contains Creades, EQT, Verdane, AMF, Stena Sessan, H&M, CNI Nordic and Tham Invest, among others strong institutional investors. 


“We are excited to support the combination of Instabox and Budbee. From the outset, we have been impressed with Fredrik Hamilton’s and Budbee’s strong and consistent execution of its growth strategy. With the combination, we expect Instabee to continue to develop its customer proposition, building on the two companies’ combined expertise and know-how. We look forward to continuing to be a leading shareholder in Instabee as its growth journey continues”, says Georgi Ganev, CEO of Kinnevik. 


“Over the last years, Instabox and Budbee have both revolutionized their respective fields of the last-mile delivery space. As a major shareholder in Instabox we are very impressed with the historic achievements by Alexis and the Instabox team, and this next step of combining two Swedish entrepreneurial success stories makes for an even more exciting future. A future we are very much looking forward to being part of”, says Creades CEO and Instabox Chairman John Hedberg.

“Private companies have huge potential upside. The challenge is that they are usually closed to investment. We created Tioex as a new way in.”
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Tioex is using a profit share model where investors first receives the invested capital back and then the profit is split 80% to investors and 20% to Tioex. Once the company goes public we will most likely hand out the shares to the investors. The potential profit will most likely be paid out in shares to Tioex.

You will invest together with a group of individuals through a holding company called Tioex Investment (unique number for each investment) AB, where we will all own the shares together with the sole purpose of investing in the target company. Tioex will handle all of the administration and paperwork until the target company gets sold or is doing an IPO. You can invest personally or through a holding company.

Please be sure to conduct your own research about the company and also seriously consider the risks and the implication of investing in a private unlisted company before you apply to invest.


Please notice that all investments on the Tioex platform are investments in the target companies by acquiring secondary shares (e.g. existing shares). The counterparts in these transactions are individual existings shareholders of the target companies that sell existing shares. The target company is not a counterpart in this process, except for handling transfer requests and making sure that the shareholder agreement of the company is followed. As a consequence, Tioex does not have access to any material provided by the company, such as investment memorandum or financial forecasts. Therefore the investments through Tioex are not to be seen as fundraising for the company.

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